R2-D2 Build Log

Beginning the structure of the droid.

Painting Aluminum pieces, polishing and cutting the dome.

Test fitting the painted dome pieces. Held together by double-sided tape.

Finished Dome Construction. Cold welded the domes together, added panels and wiring.

Over the past month, I've added the skins, wired the dome, polished the dome and attached various body parts.

Life's been busy, plus not a lot of parts runs lately, so no real updates. Here, i have added the "skirt" and a few other parts.

Mounted the Rockler bearing, dome drive motor and dome to the body.

With advice from Matthew Henricks, I've made progress on sanding, bondo and painting the wooden legs.

Finished painting the legs. Beginning to add metal pieces.

I FINALLY installed the legs on R2-D2.

Painted the outer feet shells and installed them.

R2 can now stand on his own, without support!

Working on the feet this weekend.

R2 is finished and ready for electronics!